System for Risk and compliance. Processing of personal data in research and student projects at UiB.

RETTE contains information from the following sources:

  • Self-completed project information from researchers and students. Student assignments and research projects that are not covered by the obligation to consult with the Data Protection Officer can be registered directly in RETTE. Student and PhD projects must be confirmed by the supervisor.
  • Research projects evaluated by NSD. Scientific research that includes sensitive personal data has an legal obligation to seek the advice of the Data Protection Officer. UiB has an agreement with NSD to give advice on data protection, to ensure compliance with this obligation. The project is imported into RETTE from NSD after assessment.
  • Health research projects that have research ethics approval from REK. Project information is obtained from Cristin to RETTE, and researchers must supplement information required by the privacy regulations (projects are imported daily).

Registration in RETTE and consultation with the Data Protection Officer shall determine whether the project needs a data protection impact assessment (DPIA).

If you have questions about the processing of personal data at UiB, see UiBs Privacy Portal (in Norwegian).

If you need help with RETTE: Register questions or problems in UiBhjelp